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The Sweetest Bean Gourmet Vanilla

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As someone who loves to bake, real Vanilla extract is a common staple in my pantry. I won’t sacrifice flavor by getting imitation Vanilla, either. A little goes a long way! The ladies over at The Sweetest Bean sent me Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Powder. This is a woman owned business and two life long friends (LOVE a long […]

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Vitamin Shoppe’s Protein Pantry! MET-RX Protein Pancake Mix, P28 Apple Crisp Spread, and D’s Naturals Fluff Butter

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    Introducing…Vitamin Shoppe’s Protein Pantry! A new section at Vitamin Shoppe filled with yummy protein packed foods! My favorite. Aside from the traditional protein bars, I like eating protein enriched foods, since I have such an active lifestyle. Gotta fuel those muscles! They sent me MET-RX Protein Pancake Mix, P28 Apple Crisp Spread, and D’s Naturals Fluff Butter in Chocolate Fudge […]


Chatfield’s Carob Powder

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Ever heard of Carob Powder? I remember reading about carob instead of cocoa when I was younger in health magazines and whatnot, but never actually tried it. But I was sent a free can of Carob Powder from Chatfield’s/PANOS Brands and now had the opportunity to do so. According to the can, there is “No Chocolate, Cocoa or Caffeine” in […]

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Cookie Recipe + Chatfield's Carob Chip & Date Sugar review

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So. Yesterday I made the most mouth watering, DELICIOUS and HEALTHY chocolate carob chip cookies! Not too much sugar (yay!) I made some swaps with some ingredients that the PANOS brand sent me-Instead of  brown sugar, I used Chatfield’s Date Sugar, and I also used Chatfield’s Carob Chips in place of chocolate chips (but you could certainly use chocolate chips). […]

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Cherrybrook Kitchen Vanilla Graham Mini Cookies

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I’m always curious about cookies (who isn’t?) so i got a box of the Vanilla Graham mini cookies (because if cookie wasn’t enough, they are MINI!! Who doesn’t love mini cookies!) in the mail from Cherrybrook Kitchen. Aside from being cute and gluten free, they are also peanut, dairy, egg and nut free. YEP! They are certainly yummy. They are […]

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