Chatfield’s Carob Powder

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Ever heard of Carob Powder? I remember reading about carob instead of cocoa when I was younger in health magazines and whatnot, but never actually tried it. But I was sent a free can of Carob Powder from Chatfield’s/PANOS Brands and now had the opportunity to do so. According to the can, there is “No Chocolate, Cocoa or Caffeine” in […]

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Cookie Recipe + Chatfield's Carob Chip & Date Sugar review

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So. Yesterday I made the most mouth watering, DELICIOUS and HEALTHY chocolate carob chip cookies! Not too much sugar (yay!) I made some swaps with some ingredients that the PANOS brand sent me-Instead of  brown sugar, I used Chatfield’s Date Sugar, and I also used Chatfield’s Carob Chips in place of chocolate chips (but you could certainly use chocolate chips). […]

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