Mightylicious Gluten Free Cookies

Today’s review is of mightylicious gluten-free cookies. I was sent  four different flavors to try. All four are gluten-free and three of them were vegan. The oatmeal raisin, oatmeal, coconut, double Dutch, chocolate chip cookies were vegan.

The company was founded by a woman named Carolyn who is diagnosed with celiac disease which inspired these cookies.
I noticed a few things. The brown butter one did not say non-GMO verified like the other three which I was not thrilled about. That doesn’t necessarily mean they used GMO but I can’t confirm that they didn’t so one would assume otherwise.
The company boasts about using simple clean ingredients, which, for the most part it looks like it does except for palm oil .

I am a huge proponent against palm oil as I personally believe it’s very inflammatory and it’s also not great for the environment to produce. I won’t go off on that platform much as that’s not what this post is about. That aside, let’s get into it.

Double Dutch
The double Dutch cookie is sweet and crumbly and reminds me of like a chocolate flavored cookie that’s been sweetened with raisin or fig. It’s not exactly the most chocolatey tasting but it’s still pretty good. It has a nice chunks of chocolate chips, which I did like and just a little hint of salt, which was nice,. The cookie is soft, but also a tad bit dry.
4/5 stars

Brown butter
-this has more of a classic chocolate chip cookie flavor with amazing buttery chocolate I’m just a little bit salty sweet. I really like this cookie and I actually can’t find anything wrong with it. It’s soft and a little crumbly is a good consistency for a cookie. I also particularly like this I did not contain palm oil.
5/5 stars

Oatmeal coconut
This one’s pretty good. It has a nice vanilla, coconut flavor and the coconut has a slightly  toasted buttery type flavor, but actually does not contain any butter or eggs, which is actually quite surprising.  It almost reminds me of a white macadamia like flavor. It is a little bit more dry and crumbly and harder than any other cookies.

Oatmeal raisin
This one has a pretty strong, cinnamon and ginger flavor, and also reminds me of a gingerbread meets oatmeal raisin type cookie. The raisins are moist, and the cookie has a nice amount of sweetness. It’s almost a little too sweet, and not quite balanced with the spices as I would definitely think this is more of a ginger snap. I do like it, but does not give me that classic flavor due to the ginger


So overall pretty good. Again, I’ve already mentioned my thoughts above on palm oil, but that aside the ingredients are pretty good, I like that they are  gluten-free, and you don’t necessarily miss regular wheat flour aside from the consistency, which is overall a little bit more dry and crumbly, but I feel most cookies that are prepackaged are a little bit more dry and crumbly than homemade in general. I always attributed to the fact that they are (obviously) not fresh from the oven and have to use certain ingredients to help stabilize them on the shelf. The nutrition overall is pretty fair, considering that they are cookies are treats, and not meant to be eaten every day, but are relatively reasonable at 80 to 90 cal per cookie and 7-8g of sugar per cookie. Overall, worth a try. I would  buy the brown butter ones again, the other ones I would not buy again solely  for the fact that there’s palm oil in them.

Disclaimer -I received these cookies for free from the company and this is an unbiased review.

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