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Health Warrior Chia Bar in Coconut, Acai Berry, and Chocolate Peanut Butter

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I got some new, free ┬ábars from Health Warrior. Their Chia Bars! All of the bars are vegan, a good source of omegas, and have 100-110 calories. The first bar I tried was the Chocolate Peanut Butter. LOADED with seeds, this one had a crunchy texture. It was a bit bland, with very mild chocolate flavor. I didn’t detect too […]

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ProScotti Almond-Orange Biscotti

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I’m a total protein convert. Don’t get me wrong. I love my carbs (especially in the form of cupcakes and cookies…oh… and bread…=) ), but I’m much more into protein, especially since I have a high activity level. Greek yogurt? Yup. Cottage cheese? Yup. Protein shakes? You bet. So, if given the opportunity to eat something dessert-worthy, like a biscotti, […]

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ProScotti Mocha Chocolate Chip Biscotti

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Courtesy of ProScotti, I was sent a few flavors to try for free of there biscotti! I received Mocha Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Orange Almond Biscotti , and Almond Orange Flavor. What I liked about these, is that on the package it stated that they had “Omega-3”, were “Low-gluten” and had “more protein than 2 whole eggs”. That’s my kind of […]


Another giveaway!!!

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Yea I said it.. TWO giveaways in ONE week here on HealthNuttxo!! but first, a few words. I was provided two bottles, one of the NutraSea DHA and NutraVege for free from Ascenta Health. The NutraSea DHA is according to the bottle, an “ultra-pure, great tasting omega-3” and “Beneficial for cardiovascular health and brain function” The NutraVege , according to […]

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Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch

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Source Nothing like a cold bowl of crunchy cereal in the morning. In fact, I find myself having cereal and fruit with almond milk almost every day of the week! Satisfying, crunchy, and just plain good! I happen to love when cereals have little add-ins to them, like granola clusters, dried fruit, marshmallows…(gotta love the marshmallows!), so I thought Nature’s […]

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Naturally More Peanut Butter

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Peanut Butter. Not a day goes by that I don’t consume either A. some type/variety of peanut butter or B. apples. (what a coincidence that they go perfectly together!) I’m always up for new varieties to try, like the Naturally More Peanut Butter. I had tried the Organic Naturally More Peanut Butter, and really enjoyed it. I was hoping I’d […]

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Ella Baking Mixes All Natural Blueberry Scone Mix

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┬á One of my favorite things to do is to bake yummy treats. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc. I love to bake for others not only to make them happy, but it makes the house smell delicious! Which is why I was especially excited to recieve the all natural blueberry scone mix from Ella Baking Mixes. According to the package, […]

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