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Vermont Village Cannery Organic Applesauce & Apple Butter

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Time for Thanksgiving review number 2! I figured applesauce and apple butter would fit the bill nicely. We always use applesauce as a compliment to the other dishes, but I like it in place of gravy with my turkey and I like using it as a condiment the next day for cold turkey and apple sandwiches. Yum! So i was […]

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Chobani Greek Flavored Yogurt

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Source We all know my love for yogurt. Now it’s time to explore on the GREEK side of yogurt! What exactly is greek yogurt? Well, after the milk is heated and cultured to make yogurt, it is then allowed to sit and strain, so the “whey” is removed. What’s left is a creamier and thicker version of yogurt. I got […]

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