The Ginger People Peanut Ginger Chews

Ginger. I think it’s a love it or leave it kind of thing. As in, too much ginger would totally turn me off – leave it. But just the right amount, like in a gingerbread cookie or a subtle flavor in an entree? love it.

I’ve tried some products by The Ginger People before, mostly the original Ginger Chews. Every now and then I get a craving for them, so when I saw this new peanut flavor (or at least “new” for me) I knew I had to try it. I mean really, when have I ever been one to turn down a peanut flavored thing?

The chews are small, about the size of the tip of a finger, and covered in a white powder that I assume is a sugary coating. They’re dense and chewy and just really good. These are different than the chews I have had in the past. They have a very mild ginger flavor, just enough to leave a nice flavor and a little bit of heat. They have a yummy peanut flavor, with subtle sweetness as well. There were also teeny bits of peanuts that I thought added a nice touch.

What I also noticed about these is they didn’t last as long. Normally, for the other flavors I have tried, the chews last a little while as you chew or let it dissolve in my mouth. These Peanut chews went a lot quicker, and could be eaten quickly like a Starburst candy.

However, I still really enjoyed them. In fact, I bought a second bag already. Yay! Overall, 4.5 stars. Try these! They really remind me Snickers candy bar…imagine if they were chocolate coated?? *wink wink*

What about you guys? love it or leave it when it comes to Ginger?

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2 thoughts on “The Ginger People Peanut Ginger Chews

  1. The white coating is flour, i believe, used to keep it from sticking to the wrapper. I have tried all the ginger chew flacors and like the pb and coffee ones the best. I like that they are small because, i too don’t like strong ginger flavor.

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