Fritaire Glass Air Fryer

A review of the Fritaire GLASS Air Fryer 

This is my first air fryer to be honest! I’ve yet to use one as I’ve noticed most of them have the non stick coating and I only cook with steel/cast iron as I’m trying to avoid that. 

I happy obliged review this one as It was made with glass. 

First thing I did of course was clean It. 

When cleaning the bottom bowl, you cannot get any water underneath it, I understand why its attached but slightly poor design, as you cannot detach the bowl 

There’s a motor on the side which helps rotate a cage , which can be used for fries, etc. 

  • Four AAA batteries are required, but not included for the motor 
  • Rotisserie motor is not easy  to get in the hole / groove It needs to be (my husband needed to be recruited and he also struggled!)

The settings are on the top, and It is touch screen which is nice!

First up we tried  French fries 

  • Used Rotating basket 
  • Mostly cooks evenly occasional extra crispy or undercooked one 
  • Overall really good and quick! Was able to focus on other parts of my meal cooking 
  • The basket can be hard to clean if you put seasoning on the fries but we found that soaking It in some soapy water and using a Brillo type brush helped 

Chicken nuggets and wings 

  • Used the flat wire rack 
  • Cooked evenly, but MUST flip half way through

Final products of wings and fries!

What’s also cool is the self cleaning feature!  (Whaaaaaat????)

After you’re done, you add water and some dish soap and then run a cycle for 10 min or so. It doesn’t eliminate It all but helps break up the greasy caked on spots so that a quick clean after with some soap and a sponge does the job.

Overall super happy with this! 4.5 stars. Would recommend and love that there’s no nonstick coating .


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