Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

So I am a big coffee drinker, and I also am a type one diabetic. It does make it challenging to drink these fun flavored coffees because they are often pure sugar and elevate my blood sugar within minutes! I prefer more natural things but I will eat some sugar free alternatives. I understand that sugar free products are not going to taste like the products that have sugar in them but I really *dislike* when sugar-free products taste purely like artificial sweeteners if that makes sense. I do use sugar-free gum, for example, and eat that daily and don’t necessarily have an issue with tasting that artificial sweetener aftertaste.

That being said, the company Jordans skinny mixes reached out to me to try their products for free and this is my unbiased review.

First up Maple bourbon pecan 

This is recommended to add to your coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, yogurt, or oatmeal, protein shakes, baking or desserts. It is gluten-free which I do like. The ingredients are essentially water with artificial flavorings colors and preservatives.

  • Light maple flavor , but aftertaste is quite bitter – the artificial sweetener is quite present in this.
  • It Does have bourbon flavor as well which is impressive
  • Used in coffee with milk 
  • Truthfully, this just tastes so fake that I couldn’t get past the heavy artificial sweetener flavor
  • This sat on my counter for weeks and I haven’t touched it
  • 1/5 stars 

Next up, we have the salted caramel skinny sauce. This has 0 cal sugar or carbs per serving. The ingredients consist of water, salts, artificial flavors, food, dyes, and thickeners. It is gluten-free and kosher.

  • It has a very thin consistency. It says you can refrigerate it for a thicker consistency but that’s not required.
  • Is recommended for lattes, ice cream, bacon, and milkshakes.
  • The flavor is kind of like a caramel butterscotch. The sugar-free sweetener flavor is not as prevalent in this, which I do appreciate.
  • Truly, this one is not bad. I could see it being good on vanilla ice cream, or some thing rather neutral in flavor, but I would say a little goes a long way and I think it would be better in smaller quantities then in larger quantities.
  • I find the addition of the food dye unnecessary, especially red number 40 so for that I’ll give it three out of five stars
  • 3/5

Next up, we have a dark chocolate, espresso sauce topping.

So I have an issue with this one to start because if you look at the bottom of the label, it says prop 65 an ingredient contains 4 – methylimidazole. Now I had no idea what that was so naturally, I looked it up.

I went to the website below and found out that it’s actually on California’s list of carcinogens because it looks like there was an increased risk of lung cancer in rats.

Truthfully, that was enough to make me not want to try the product at all but out of fairness, I did taste the product.

It’s actually not bad tasting. It does have a nice almost classic yet watery chocolate milk type flavor that took me back to my childhood. However, I threw this right in the trash after because even if something is under investigation as a carcinogen, why would you choose to put that in a product that you’re feeding people?

For that alone, 0/5 stars.

This is the link I used for reference.

Overall, I will pass on this brand.

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