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Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

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So I am a big coffee drinker, and I also am a type one diabetic. It does make it challenging to drink these fun flavored coffees because they are often pure sugar and elevate my blood sugar within minutes! I prefer more natural things but I will eat some sugar free alternatives. I understand that sugar free products are not […]

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Evol. Vitalize Be Energized: Grilled Chicken with Grains and Vegetables in a Tangy Tahini & Feta Sauce

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WELL I know you guys missed me. And if you didn’t, I am still back. I figured with the extra downtime we currently have during this quarantine, a great time to bust out some reviews. First up: Evol. Vitalize Be Energized: Grilled Chicken with Grains and Vegetables in a Tangy Tahini & Feta Sauce. That’s a mouthful, honestly. This bowl […]

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Salonpas pain relief OTC Patches, Jet Spray and Deep Relieving Gel

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I got this carepackage from Salonpas! They sent me an array of pain relief in the form of patches, a spray and a gel. I was excited to try these out! I do a lot of heavy lifting at the gym, and sometimes my muscles ache (think: traps and legs!) or my lower back is stiff post deadlifts, so I […]

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Chobani Green Tea Blended Yogurt

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If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I LOVE Chobani. I have yet to find a flavor I haven’t really liked, and most flavors I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve seen this Green Tea Blended flavor on the shelves for a couple weeks now, so I decided to pick it up. I love green tea, and I love […]

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Whole Foods Chocolate Angel Food Cake

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I hope everyone knows how much I love Whole Foods. Super awesome finds, and their prepared food is SO GOOD. Seriously- if you haven’t tried their prepared pot pies or anything from the hot bar, I highly recommend it. Everything’s so tasty!! So, shopping around I spotted a chocolate angel food cake. It was only 5 dollars for the whole […]

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Tazo Zero Calorie Naturally Sweetened Refresh Iced Tea

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Picture Source I really happen to enjoy tea- both warm and iced. Nothing like a cup of warm tea on a cold, wintry day or some iced tea to go with a meal. I got a coupon to try one of the Tazo Zero Calorie Naturally Sweetened Iced Teas, and the only one available at my grocery store was the […]

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