Whole Foods Chocolate Angel Food Cake

I hope everyone knows how much I love Whole Foods. Super awesome finds, and their prepared food is SO GOOD. Seriously- if you haven’t tried their prepared pot pies or anything from the hot bar, I highly recommend it. Everything’s so tasty!!

So, shopping around I spotted a chocolate angel food cake. It was only 5 dollars for the whole cake, so I figured I could stretch it out over 4 days which is pretty reasonable for the price. I bought it and took it home, and could not WAIT to try it.

I have a special spot in my heart for angel food cake. I feel most people either love it, or loathe it. I am definitely a lover. I love the soft, fluffy aspect of it, and how it goes just perfectly with a smidge of vanilla frosting on top. mmm.

So, here’s a closeup of the cake. Excuse the dim lighting aka my lack of photography skills (wah!)

And…..a forkful I took out

So, after eating this all I could think was….this is a Whole Foods fail. It really was not good at all. I was SO upset, that not only did I waste 5 dollars but I could not eat what should have been a delicious chocolate angel food cake!!

First off, it should have been called a cocoa angel food cake, because it had way more of a cocoa flavor than a deep chocolate. It was very dense, and even as I picked the cake up I noticed it was kind of heavy. Not like “hey, this is as heavy as the dumbbells I use at the gym” heavy but more heavy than a cake should be in my opinion.

Another turn off, it was SO DRY. I felt like I wanted, no NEEDED a glass of milk to eat this. The combination of a cocoa flavored dry cake that was mildly sweet made a liquid to drink a necessity. I had intentions of putting peanut butter on it [ obviously ; ) ] but that was out of the question. Way too dry for that.

Giving it another chance, I took another piece and tried to eat it. Blech. It tasted like burnt sugar and cocoa.

WHERE IS MY FLUFFY , MOIST ANGEL FOOD CAKE!? I was so upset. Whole Foods, you let me down buddy =(

But….that doesn’t mean I won’t be back to buy your other delicious foods. I just wont buy this one ever again. 1 star

Angel Food Cake- are you a fan? Or no? Strawberry angel food cake is really good too!

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