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Sated Complete Keto Meal Replacement Shake

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  A Ketogenic diet is hard – keeping your carbohydrates low and still hitting adequate protein and fiber requirements can be challenging. Sated is here to help. They sent me a Limited Edition  Preview sample of their Vanilla Complete Keto Meal replacement Shake. Here’s some quick facts: Naturally sweetened with Erythritol, Stevia and other natural sweeteners, with  < 1 gram […]

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Explore Cuisine Plant Based Protein Pasta/Spaghetti

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Pasta is definitely a fan favorite- versatile, comforting, and well…delicious. However, as we all know, pasta is not diabetic friendly, figure friendly or macro friendly for that matter, as it is loaded with carbs and lacks in the  protein and fiber department (unless you get whole grain). For that reason, I tend to stay away from pasta entirely. It wreaks […]

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The Mermaid Pillow

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  Mermaid pillow…what a perfect name for this product. You can read a backstory on their website here. But these pillows are great. They have both a sequin side, and a softer side without sequins, allowing for both fashion and comfort. The sequins are SO. MUCH. FUN. to play with. (I’m serious…  left this in the back room and caught […]


AZO Urinary Tract Defense

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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) are well… a pain. While they happen most commonly in women, it is totally possible for a man to have a UTI as well. AZO has come out with a product to “control the infection” as well as provide some pain relief for when a UTI hits and you have to wait to see the doctor. […]

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MHP Power Pak High Protein Pudding

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It may be of no surprise that I am a complete healthy food and fitness nut. Egg whites, protein powders, vegetables, whole grains, and peanut butter are staples of my diet, as well as spinning, free weights, and kickboxing as my main forms of exercise. Lately I’ve upped the exercise intensity so I also had to increase the amount of […]

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