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Dirt Kitchen’s air dried veggie crisps

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So vegetable chips are typically a total scam. They appear healthy when in fact, they are not. They take perfectly healthy, nutrient rich vegetables and fry them in OIL!!! Tell me, whats the difference between a green bean soaked and fried In oil versus a potato (aka your classic potato chips)?¬† Nothing!! And here’s where this company comes in… Dirt […]

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From the Ground Up Snacks Cauliflower & Butternut Crackers

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I LOVE cauliflower. I mean…my fianc√© would beg to differ as he thinks It smells like socks every time I cook It but I love It! Low carb, versatile flavor and can really “beef” up a dish and make It more hearty without a lot of calories. I saw these crackers by From the Ground Up Snacks , in Cauliflower […]

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