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PowerBar Fudge Brownie Protein Plus Bites

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It’s a known fact that I love carbs. However, I’ve been upping my protein take as of lately, and on the lookout for yummy protein-filled finds. Browsing the grocery store the other day, I found these little gems- PowerBar Fudge Brownie Protein Plus Bites. The whole bag I would consider the equivalent of a typical protein bar- 20 grams of […]

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PowerBar Performance Energy Bar- Chocolate Peanut Butter

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Now, I’m more of a granola bar kinda girl over protein and “energy” bars , because usually they are filled with too much protein (at least in my opinion for what I’m looking for in a bar), too much saturated fat, and too much sugar. However, PowerBar has a line of products that fit everyone’s needs. They have ones for […]

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