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Mi-Del Cookies- Bite Size Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free S’mores, & Maple Munchies

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Cookie time! Cookie time! ­čÖé Cookies are amazing. Chewy, soft, crunchy, chocolatey, sweet, buttery, there are all SORTS and kinds of cookies! What’s REALLY awesome, is when the cookies taste good, AND they are good for you. Which leads me too.. Mi-Del Cookies! This company makes a bunch of products, including the 3 that they generously sent me that I […]

3 1/2 stars , 4 Star , Cookies/Baked Goods , Midel

Midel Cookies

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┬á There’s nothing quite like a cookie. Some have cute designs, some are sweet, some are rich, some soft, chewy, etc. I think it’s hard not to have a favorite cookie! What is hard, however, is finding cookies that are both tasty but don’t have things like preservatives, trans fats, artificial colors, flavors, etc. However, Midel Cookies make a large […]

4 Star , Gluten Free , Midel , Snacks

Midel Gluten Free Cookies

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Midel makes a whole bunch of products, and they have a gluten free line. Midel makes the cookies and snacks without preservatives, trans fats, or artificial ingredients. Some of them are even dairy free! I got to try the Arrowroot, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate┬áSandwich┬ávarieties sent to me by the company. Arrowroot-uhhh, Deliiishh! Nice and buttery flavor! These were […]

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