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Midel Gluten Free Cookies

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Midel makes a whole bunch of products, and they have a gluten free line. Midel makes the cookies and snacks without preservatives, trans fats, or artificial ingredients. Some of them are even dairy free! I got to try the Arrowroot, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate Sandwich varieties sent to me by the company. Arrowroot-uhhh, Deliiishh! Nice and buttery flavor! These were […]

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Penny’s Low Fat Desserts- Muffin Tops

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Penny’s Low Fat Desserts makes all natural, nutritious desserts, such as muffins, cookies and what I got to try, the muffin tops! The muffin tops come in Orange-Cranberry, Almond Poppy seed, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Carrot Raisin and Apple Cinnamon flavor. All are about 100-120 calories, generously sized (2 oz) and have 10% calcium needs per serving. There also individually wrapped, so […]

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Baker Dan's Cookies

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Baker Dan may be a company you haven’t heard of, but you might want to check him out. He makes some pretty delicious cookies! According to the website, “Baker Dan seeks to produce a variety of specialty and classic cookies that are pleasurable to eat and made for a healthy treat.” I was lucky enough to get to sample some […]

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Nutridel Cookies

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Coooooookie time! Who doesn’t love cookie reviews?! I was send by mail 2 of Nutridel’s Cookies, in Flaxseed and Oatmeal Flavor. A Nutridel cookie is, according to the website,  an “artisan, gourmet cookie, made by hand in small batches with all-natural, earth-loving high quality ingredients”. Each of the cookies are cholesterol free, no dairy, egg, trans fats, refined sugar or […]

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Late July Mini Sandwich Cookies

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Late July is a great company. Founded by Nicole Bernard Dawes with her dad in 2003, they make a variety of all natural and organic foods. There top 3 reasons for choosing organic is 1. To save the environment 2. Reduce Health Risks and 3. Support Small businesses. The Late July Organic Mini Endangered Animal Sandwich cookies even donate 10% of their […]

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Country Choice Soft Baked Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Who doesn’t love cooooookies!? Especially chocolate chip. Especially soft baked chocolate chip cookies. I’m drooling thinking about them… 🙂 What we don’t love? That Mom’s home-made cookies are often heart attacks disguised in cute little circles, or that store bought deli cookies have a TON of fat, OR that the cookies you would  buy in store have more ingredients than […]

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Barry's Bakery French Twists puff pastries

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Barry’s Bakery makes French Twists, which are “layers of sweet puffed pastry”. They come in a variety of flavors, ranging from Maple French Toast to Wild Raspberry. Two 13g twists is only 1 Weight Watcher Point,  and they are made without Cholesterol, Butter, Eggs, Yeast or Dairy, and of course, they are all natural (but why would i be eating […]

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