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HappyBaby and YoBaby review plus GIVEAWAY!

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Today is a combined review( and GIVEAWAY!)¬†of HappyBaby and YoBaby products. I was sent coupons to try free products from both companies. HappyBaby- I chose the HappyBites Mac + Cheese Bites. When I purchased them from the store, they came in a pack of three Mac + Cheese Bites. However, the company recently updated the product to have 9 bites […]

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HappyBaby Happy Bites Veggie Tots

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Kiddie food review! Woo-hoo! I love these! Hey, kids need to eat¬†healthy too! But these reviews¬†bring me back to when I was young and Mom & Dad did all the delicious cooking.¬†Aw… Anyway– HappyBaby has a line, HappyBites, that makes organic meals for toddlers and kids. I was¬†sent a coupon from the¬†company¬†to try a free product in the mail. So, […]

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Happy Melts Organic Yogurt Snacks

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okay okay, this one is geared toward babies & toddlers…but i got a free coupon, and we all know my love for yogurt. How could these possibly be bad? I saw 2 flavors at whole foods, Mixed Berry and Banana Mango. Banana Mango was the one i had¬†chosen. These yogurt snacks are freeze-dried yogurt and fruit, are gluten free, have […]

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