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Doodles Cookies Organic Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

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Set your timers, whip out the pots and pans, and let’s bake some¬†cookies! But wait- We’re not going to use just any old cookie mix- how about one that’s organic, gluten free, and all natural? And not filled with icky preservatives, chemicals sugar and FAT?! These sound like my kind of cookies ūüėČ Doodles Cookies makes all natural, gluten free […]

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Organic Food Bar Kid’s Apple Pie & Cherry Pie

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What’s better than a slice of steaming hot apple or cherry pie? Yea, I couldn’t think of¬†anything either ūüėȬ†(except if it’s topped with some vanilla frozen yogurt- a la mode!!) Organic Food Bar has several types of bars¬†that are all organic, all healthy, and according to the website, “outrageously good”! The company sent me a few of their bars to […]

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Sharkies Organic Kids Sports Chews

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Are you a runner? Or a¬†sports enthusiast who needs quick energy? Or maybe, you just want something sweet, organic and chewy? Well, Sharkies Organic¬†Kids Sports¬†Chews are the answer!¬†These chews are USDA certified organic, gluten free, nut free, GMO free, fructose free, have no trans fat, and provide 100% of your daily needs of vitamin C. The company sent me some […]

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Funky Monkey Freeze Dried Fruit

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I’m feeling fruity these week, obviously! (it’s the good weather,¬†I think¬†¬†it makes me¬†craves fruit!) So what better time then now to do a review of Funky Monkey Freeze Dried Fruit! This company has a line of all natural freeze dried fruit snacks which provide THREE servings of fruit per 1 oz bag! Here’s some info about the company which Jennifer […]

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Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks

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Sensible Foods creates unique, delicious,¬†and crunchy snacks to fit your everyday lifestyle.¬†They make¬†dried fruit snacks, dried corn, and soy nuts, that are all natural, contain no preservatives, and some of them are even organic as well.¬† From the website, here’s some info about their goodies. “Proprietary Crunch Dried process is done in a high vacuum at very low temperatures. This […]

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Organic Naturally More Peanut Butter

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Calling all Peanut Butter Lovers… you are definitely going to enjoy this post! ūüėČ Naturally More is a brand that makes both peanut butter and almond butter, but better. They make “What Peanut Butter/Almond Butter Should Be!”, meaning these nut butters are enhanced with special goodies to keep you healthy, but at the same time are still all natural and […]

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Mary’s Gone Crackers Cookies

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Mary’s Gone Crackers is a company dedicated to making snacks that are organic, high quality, and gluten and wheat free. Mary, the founder of the company, began making her products since 1994, when she and her son developed a gluten intolerance. Their signature snack is their crackers, but I got to try their new gluten free cookies out courtesy of […]

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Country Choice Organic Fit Kids Snackin’ Grahams

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Country Choice Organic¬†is a great brand with a lot¬†to offer, in both taste and nutrition. They¬†make organic snacks, cookies, and breakfast foods, like oatmeal.¬†According to the website, “Our hot cereals, snacks and cookies are made with simple ingredients and maintain strict USDA organic standards.” As an added bonus, “all of Country Choice Organic products are made with a minimum of […]

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