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Nutorious Nut Confections Ooo La La Original

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Presenting…. (da da da DAAAA!) One of the BEST things I have ever purchased. So good I ate the whole bag in 2 days (dangit!!!) I found these browsing the grocery store in the natural foods section. They were on there own little showcase and had 3 or 4 flavors to pick from. There was only one of the Ooo […]

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Sahale Snacks Barbeque Almonds

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Ah, nothing quite helps me when I’m hungry than a handful of nuts- peanuts, almonds, pecans! Something about them are just so filling and satisfying, and truly enjoyable. Well, if I’m going to have some almonds, I might as well have some FLAVORED almonds! : )  Sahale Snacks was very generous, and sent me some of their products to try, […]

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Almondina Cookies

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Almondina makes “a delicious cookie without the guilt”. How without the guilt you ask? Well, there are no preservatives, artificial flavors/colors, no added fat or salt, are all natural, and relatively low in fat and calories. They are crispy biscotti-like cookies, and come in several flavors- Original, Choco-nut, Cinnaroma, Gingerspice, AlmonDuo, Anniversary, BranTreats, Sesame, Pumpkin Spice, and Chocolate Dipped. All […]

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Sahale Snacks Review

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Source “Who says indulgent can’t be healthy?” That’s Sahale’s slogan, and I totally agree. Sahale makes all natural nut mixes and glazed nuts, that are low in sodium, no trans fats, and truly satisying. They encourage you to “Snack Better” and eat their yummy snacks. We all know how much I enjoy nuts, so it was a real treat to […]

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