Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple Cranberry Almond Bar

Another new flavor for me to try from Zone Perfect on their Perfectly Simple line. This time, Cranberry Almond, which I also received in the mail to try for free.

I looked at the stats before indulging in the snack. 170 calories, 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, 19 grams os sugar ( a little high for me), gluten free, and made with 10 ingredients (bonus points here! Less ingredients something is made with in my book, the better!)

I opened up the bar and saw a light brown colored bar, with visible chunks of nuts and pieces. I took a bite, and was pleasantly surprised. It had a cranberry-pomegranate flavor, and also had apple flavored undertones. It was sweet without being overly sweet, but more of a fruit-kind-of-sweet.. It had that tang that cranberries and pomegranates have, but wasn’t so tangy that it was intolerable. The almonds added a tiny bit of a crunch, which was nice, and provided a mild flavor.

What I noticed about this bar, similar to the last Coconut flavored bar I tried, was it’s “piecy” consistency. The last bar I tried was Toasted Coconut, so I chalked up the “piecy-ness” to the flakes of coconut. However, as I chewed this bar, I noticed it was kind of piecy in consistency as well. After looking at the dry ingredients, I assume it’s from the sweetened cranberries and pieces of each individual ingredient.

Overall, a good bar! I liked the flavor, although it was a tad on the tangy side, and the bar was dense and had a nice chew to it. Not my favorite, but I would eat it again if the opportunity arose or if I saw it in the stores. 3 stars

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2 thoughts on “Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple Cranberry Almond Bar

  1. I really love reading your reviews. They are so informative and entertaining! I have just one complaint – you bring up the fact that you get items for “free” way too often. It comes across as bragging. We do not need to know about everytime you receieve another free item in the mail. We are more interested in your reviews (which are awesome!) Thank you 😉

  2. Hey Grace- not bragging! 🙂 I have to do that for legal rights, so it doesn’t seem like I have a biased review. Full disclosure makes us have to say that 🙂 thanks for reading!

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