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Stonyfield Farm Organic Fat Free Fruit on the Bottom Black Cherry Yogurt

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I. love. yogurt. I’ll be honest, I probably eat a yogurt once or even two times a day. And, one of my favorite brands for flavored yogurts is Stonyfield Farms. I enjoy several flavors they have to offer, and try to keep┬ámy refrigerator stocked with their yogurts at all times ­čÖé (I also love how the cartoon cow above the […]

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Organic Food Bar Kid’s Apple Pie & Cherry Pie

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What’s better than a slice of steaming hot apple or cherry pie? Yea, I couldn’t think of┬áanything either ­čśë┬á(except if it’s topped with some vanilla frozen yogurt- a la mode!!) Organic Food Bar has several types of bars┬áthat are all organic, all healthy, and according to the website, “outrageously good”! The company sent me a few of their bars to […]

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Power of Fruit frozen Fruit Bars

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Nothing screams summer like ICE POPS! I used to LOVE those Fla Vor-Ices, the long skinny ice pops that came in bright colors like blue, purple, green, yum! Well, I’m sure those weren’t the healthiest option, but no worries, I may have found a substitution! The Power of Fruit makes similar ice pops to Fla Vor Ice’s, that have no […]

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