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Kashi 7 Grain Waffles

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I think frozen waffles are awesome. Convenient, quick to make, and often quite tasty! I was excited to see these 7 Grain waffles by Kashi at Target the other day (I seem to be doing a lot of food shopping at Target lately…hmm).  The looked delicious, and I loved that they had 7 grams of fiber for 2 waffles, and […]

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Suzanne’s Specialties Organic Maple Rice Nectar

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We all know my love for maple and maple syrup- so you can BET I was excited when a jar of Suzanne’s Organic Rice Nectar in Maple variety landed on my doorstep, courtesy of Suzanne’s Specialities (thank—you!) This sweetener is all natural, organic, gluten free, vegan, and has no refined sugars. According to the jar itself, “Organic Maple Rice Nectar is a […]

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De Wafelbakkers Gourmet Waffles, Pancakes & French Toast

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Whhhoooooo likes waffles, pancakes and french toast? 😀 Better question- Who doesn’t like waffles, pancakes or french toast? Yea- not feeling many responses there. I haven’t met a person who doesn’t love waffles, pancakes OR french toast. Perfect to wake up to in the morning, for an afternoon snack, or even breakfast for dinner with some scrambled eggs. Topped with maple […]

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