Earth Balance Crunchy Coconut & Peanut Spread

Something new!!!!

Browsing for a new peanut butter to buy at Whole Foods ( at 2 jars a week, I’m getting a little bored of my usuals you could say…) I saw this gem on the bottom shelf. WHY it was hiding all the way down there is beyond me, but a good eye can spot it. Earth Balance Crunchy Coconut & Peanut Spread. At first I wasn’t going to buy it, afraid the coconut would be, well, weird with peanut butter. But then I thought why not, and it was an average price for peanut butter (don’t remember the exact $$, but a little more than a usual plain jar I believe).

I opened up the jar and did a tiny stir. Mmm.

It’s really quite good! A thick peanut butter with tons of crunchy chopped peanuts. It’s sweet yet salty, and you can definitely taste the coconut. The coconut wasn’t too overpowering, but definitely provided a good amount of flavor.

I would say the peanut butter part reminded me of what Skippy or Jif peanut butter tasted like, as it was sweeter and saltier than I am used to. However, only 2 grams of sugar and 95 mg of sodium per serving, so really not that bad at all!

I also really liked how crunchy the chopped peanuts were. They tasted very fresh, and added a really good texture to the peanut butter. While there is a lot going on, crunchy peanuts and coconut flavor, all in all, it’s a good combination. It did say “no stir” on the top, and I did have a tiny bit of oil separation but not too bad at all. This spread is also gluten free and vegan. Yay!

Overall, 4 1/2 stars. A must try!

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9 thoughts on “Earth Balance Crunchy Coconut & Peanut Spread

  1. LOL to two jars a week. That’s dedication!

    This one is just weird enough with a mix of coconuts and peanuts that its got me interested. Not so sure I’d like it, but I’d definitely give it a shot.

    One thing is for sure though, this is no JIF!

  2. hahah yea, I’m a little obsessed 😀 healthy fat/protein! 🙂

    yea, give it a try! I thought I wasnt going to like it either. It would def be so good in oatmeal!

  3. Wait. I’m watching a show on Peanut Butter right now. Coincidence? Or is it the PB peoples trying to tell me something???

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