Calamari Ink Products Calagenesis Revolutionary Immune System Support supplement

Today’s review will be of a supplement! I got contacted to try a product by Calamari Ink Products for Immune support. Who wouldn’t want that?!? In today’s society, let’s be real here, people are GERMY! I’ve seen some nasty things people do in public (I’m talking to you nose pickers and people who don’t wash your hands!) which only spreads germs to the innocent ones or even those who are immunocompromised like myself (I’m a diabetic).

According to the bottle, this product is the first to use squid ink. Other ingredients in this product include Chitosan, Ganoderma Powder, Oyster Extract, Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Haematococcus Pluvialis (algae extract) and Selenium.

So upon opening the bottle, a caveat for all would be to NOT smell the product directly. FISHY FISHY FISHY! The pills are black, which is weird only because I’ve never had a black pill before, but then again it IS made with squid ink.

The pills are squishy, easy to swallow, and have almost a berry like taste to them. They did not cause any stomach distress, or any repeating “fish oil” type of burps that other sea or fish based products can cause (like the only downside to fish oil!!)

What did this product do? I can’t really tell. While it is an immune support, and was not sick for the duration of taking the product, I can’t really say this is a miracle pill that will prevent you from getting sick or if it was chance and coincidence to not get sick. But hey, I’m a skeptic. I must point out that there were sick people in the area, and still did not get sick, so it COULD be the pill, or it COULD be coincidence. As a plus, this pill had no negative side effects.

Overall, 3 1/2 stars. I would need to take it for a longer duration I think, rather than just a 2 months, to see it’s affect on immune support. And hey, If I get sick now that I won’t be taking the pill I miiiiiight just go out and get another bottle. Better safe than sorry 🙂

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