Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten Free Lemon Cookies

Tate’s cookies hit home for me – I grew up in Long Island and remember seeing these on the shelves at the grocery store and being all proud – (not that I owned the company or anything).

These uniquely crisp cookies were always super delicious. I often purchase the white chocolate macadamia ones.

I saw this new flavor on the shelves and decided to give It a try. This is a gluten free cookie with pretty good ingredients in my eyes- that means no preservatives, vegetable/seed oils, artificial sweeteners.

Here is the nutritional facts:

And here’s one of the cookies! Same size as always, which is nice, seeing as whenever something becomes “gluten free” the size seems to be half. I mean really, have you purchased a loaf of gluten free bread? Why is the size of one slice of bread the same as a deck of cards?


These are crispy as always, and tastes like a buttery sugar-lemon cookie. The rice flour does it’s thing in terms of making these a little bit more dry than the non GF varieties and the flour “melts” in your mouth. The lemon oil adds a nice lemony flavor where I am shocked there’s not lemon zest in these cookies. They are somewhat refreshing and also reminiscent of a cookie and tea time cookie.

Are they good? You bet. Would I buy them again? Not sure. Lemon is for sure an acquired taste, and while delicious, I didn’t love them. But quality ingredients, good taste and classic crispiness puts this cookie at 4/5 stars.

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