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Blake’s Shepherd’s Pie

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Mmmm. Shepherd’s Pie. One of my favorites. I saw this at Target, and used a coupon  mailed to me at the courtesy of Blake’s…thanks guys! đŸ™‚ There were two cooking methods…microwave oven or conventional oven. I chose microwave (because I’m lazy). I decided tonight would be a good time for a microwave dinner because 1. It was hot, and I […]

5 Star , Blake's , Frozen Foods

Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie made with Organic vegetables and a flaky organic crust

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Introducing…… THE PERFECT POT PIE. At least it’s perfect in my eyes. I’m a huge fan of pot pies. And to win me over, the crust has to be tasty- for to me the crust = the best part. And this pot pie surely does NOT disappoint. I used the combination method, or the “Express Cooking” that was listed on […]

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