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Eukonic Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil supplement

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The nice folks over at Eukonic  sent me their Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil supplement to give a try. According to the website, this supplement “Supports healthy cholesterol levels and weight loss By delivering the highest percentage of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCTs) and Lauric Acid [and] supports heart health”. I am at an average weight, five foot 1 around […]

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Bio-K PLUS Fermented Dairy Probiotic- Strawberry

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Probiotics are super important in anyone’s diet. They help keep your immune system working well as well as your colon and bowels happy with a healthy flora of bacteria. They are especially recommended for people on Antibiotics a lot, since those medications wipe out ALL bacteria, both good and bad, in your gut, and the good bacteria is NEEDED in […]

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Doctor’s Best EstroG-100 Menopausal Support Supplement

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Alrighty! So I got Doctor’s Best EstroG-100 Menopausal Support Supplement to try courtesy of the company, but…I am NOT going through menopause (that would be kind of evil in my 20s, right?…actually it’s rather evil in general!). So, I passed this supplement along to a person who is going through menopause and is a very trust source. She experiences hot flashes, […]


Calamari Ink Products Calagenesis Revolutionary Immune System Support supplement

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Today’s review will be of a supplement! I got contacted to try a product by Calamari Ink Products for Immune support. Who wouldn’t want that?!? In today’s society, let’s be real here, people are GERMY! I’ve seen some nasty things people do in public (I’m talking to you nose pickers and people who don’t wash your hands!) which only spreads […]

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Health Kismet Incredible Greens

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Something new to try! I was offered to try Health Kismet Incredible Greens for free. It has a bunch of awesome stuff in it, and you know I’m a sucker for anything with a bunch of healthy ingredients! Take a look! But what to mix it with? I was given some suggestions, and had to work with what I had […]

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Amazing Grass GREEN SuperFood Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein bar

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*Last few days to enter the “Organic Chocolate Indulgence” Giveaway!* 🙂 After a workout, there’s a few things I crave. Protein, to fuel my hard worked muscles, something sweet, to reward myself for a hard workout, and something healthy, to treat the body good and give it what it deserves. So, what better way to indulge after the gym than […]

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