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Cosi Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich

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Presenting…. one of the BEST sandwiches I ever had! Well, at least best sandwich I had eating out. Nothing can beat a homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich on fluffy white (yea, I said it) bread with globs of peanut butter and jelly. MMM. Anyway, insert the Cosi Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich. I’ve been WAITING for this baby. It’s seasonal, […]

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Jason All-Natural Liquid Satin Soap

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Here we go- a natural NON food review! And this time? It’s about soap! =) Jason┬ásent me some coupons to get $1.00 off a product, so I ended up using them on some all natural soaps. I prefer to use soaps from a pump or container rather than a bar of soap when it comes to handwashing, so I thought […]

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