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Nixall First Aid Solution

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Hiya! With summer on it’s way, comes outside activities. With any outdoor activities, comes the risk of minor injuries, scrapes, bug bites, and sunburn. This is where Nixall First Aid Solution  comes in! It is good to use on minor irritations that may occur from scrapes, stings, rashes, etc. I get a lot of mosquito bites, and I am fair skinned, so […]

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Pacific Beach Organic Valencia Peanut Butter & Signature Peanut Butter Spread

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Time for a review…of my absolute kryptonite! Peanut butter! Seriously though…I can refuse any baked good in front of me, but put a jar of peanut butter and a spoon nearby, and you’ll find me melting. I go through the temptation  thoughts like Spongebob with water when he visits Sandy for the first time. “I don’t need it… I don’t […]

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Ateevia Botanica PRIME Daily Pain Defense Cream

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I was sent a free sample of the Ateevia Botanica PRIME Daily Pain Defense Cream. It is made to help allieviate pain associated with inflammation, such as “arthritic joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, tendonitis, lower back pain, heel pain [and] sports bruises” according to the box. It is also made with “PRIME THERAPY” which is “a powerful biocehmical storehouse […]

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Health Warrior Chia Bar in Coconut, Acai Berry, and Chocolate Peanut Butter

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I got some new, free  bars from Health Warrior. Their Chia Bars! All of the bars are vegan, a good source of omegas, and have 100-110 calories. The first bar I tried was the Chocolate Peanut Butter. LOADED with seeds, this one had a crunchy texture. It was a bit bland, with very mild chocolate flavor. I didn’t detect too […]

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Chiquita Banana Bread Mix

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So, for some reason, in my house we either have way too many bananas, or not enough. Seeing as this week it was way too many, I had a couple overripe bananas waiting to be eaten. I hate to throw them out or waste them, so when I was at the store yesterday I bought the Chiquita Banana Bread Mix. […]

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