A Vegetarian Recipe to Try

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Hey guys! I have an awesome recipe to share for you guys to try! Everyone likes Tacos, right? I think it’s one of those things where vegetarians and non-vegetarians unanimously can agree that it is one tasty dish! Although this dish is meatless, Quorn has provided us a great recipe using their mince as a hearty replacement. The recipe can […]

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Morning Star Farms Maple Flavored Sausage Patties

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Yummy! More protein-filled finds. NOW, when it comes to protein, I think closest to nature is best. Chicken breast, eggs, turkey, things like that. However, a nice switch up every now and then is definitely called for and satisfies a craving. Today’s find? These vegetarian Morning Star Farms Maple Flavored Sausage Patties! We all know how much I adore maple, […]

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Nature’s Path Organic Yogurt Chewy Granola Bars

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Nature’s Path is one of my favorite brands when it comes to snacks, cereals, oatmeals, etc. I love that their products are made with wholesome, real ingredients. To me, Nature’s Path seems like a company that really cares about the food they make. I was sent some granola bars to try from the people at Nature’s Path, including the Yogurt […]

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Surf Sweets Gummy Swirls candy

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I have such a sweet tooth (seeing as this is my SECOND candy review/post tonight! Make sure you scroll down to see the second review!)  I’m so happy that companies like Surf Sweets make healthier alternatives to traditional candies to help satisfy my sweet tooth but also ease my mind! Surf Sweets makes organic and natural jelly beans and gummy candies. According to […]

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Amy's California Veggie Burger

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What comes to mind when I say, Veggie Burger? Are you thinking of a schlop of veggies pureed into a patty? Well that’s old school veggie burgers, my friends. Veggie & soy products have gone a looooong way from what they used to be, and some are actually quite tasty. I personally, have never had a veggie burger. So here […]

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