365 Cheese Curls

I know how I’ve made comments in the past on how I do NOT like cheese. And well…

That’s still true.

But I don’t count cheese curls. Or cheese doodles. Or cheese puffs. Or whatever your preference on what you call your favorite salty, cheesy, crunchy snack.

Even though it may be made with cheese, CHEESE to me is the stuff that comes in the huge blocks that you have to slice yourself (or rather, have the deli slice for you). That kind of cheese turns me off. Especially goat cheese.

I’m sorry, cheese lovers, please dont hate me.

ANYWAY, how I fill the cheese void in my life is with cheesy snacks. Like these. The 365 Cheese Curls from Whole Foods.  Did I really NEED to buy these with the 8 million snacks at my house? No… But I’m me. I’m never satisfied. I always want more. So I  bought another snack. Oh well.

These were cheesy, and left a light residue on my fingers. Slightly salty, but in a good way. A way that makes me crave a Diet Dr. Pepper (or Dr. Zevia!) . They had a light crunch, with just the right amount of cheddar cheese flavor. Oh, and they were certainly addictive. Like, I’m done with my bowl but go back for a few more handfuls addictive.

These were delicious, if not perfect for cheese curls. I have had Cheetos in the past, and I think these taste almost identical. I would definitely buy these again! My only complaint, which I guess is just due to handling, was that there was a LOT of little pieces of curls, rather than “longer” curls. I mean pieces the size of the tip of my finger! But again, nothing major. Still delicious!  I also liked how these weren’t crazy high in calories, fat or sodium. 4 1/2 stars

If you had to give one up for the rest of your life, would it be cheesy snacks? or actual cheese? I think my choice is obvious 😉

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