Robert’s American Gourmet Chocolate Pirate’s Booty

I LOVE PIRATE’S BOOTY! Cheesy, puffy, salty delicious-ness. So I was in Whole Foods browsing the snack aisles, and saw Chocolate Pirate’s Booty. At first I was a bit taken aback/weirded out. Wait….cheesy and chocolatey? I was almost going to buy pita chips instead, but then I decided to give it a try. Why not? Maybe it would be delicious!

mmm. puffy.

I picked up a piece- probably one of the more chocolatey ones. It had almost a chocolate dusted film on it. I ate the piece, and could say it certainly had more of a cocoa flavor than chocolate. And to calm my cheesy-chocolate fears, there was no cheese flavor, but there was the flavor of the corn puff. (PHEW- imagine how gross it would have tasted if it was cheesy AND chocolatey? EW!)

I tried a few more. Crunchy, light and typical texture of Pirate’s Booty. It was mildly sweet, some had a bit of a vanilla flavor. They overall to me tasted like less sweet, bigger and more puffier pieces of Cocoa Puffs cereal. They weren’t bad, and the more I ate them, the more I think I liked them.

I look forward to trying them with peanut butter (oh c’mon, you saw that one coming!) and I also think they would be really good in a “trail mix” type, or paired up with a peanut butter cereal, like PB Cap’n Crunch! So overall, 3 stars. Not bad, but not ahhhhhmazing.

WHAT’S your favorite chocolate snack? (other than chocolate!!) Mine?? Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins =)

Oh. And I fail miserably at taking photos of the nutrition facts, I KNOW. Sorry =P

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10 thoughts on “Robert’s American Gourmet Chocolate Pirate’s Booty

  1. LOL, love the name on this one! Seems pretty similar to Quaker’s Chocolate Quakes though in texture and reflection of the taste (I reviewed the Quakes at my site and felt about them the way you feel about these).

  2. yea- they may be similar! I never had chocolate quakes, but I have a soft spot for the Apple Cinnamon ones 🙂

  3. Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch?!?! But they have (gasp, shock, awe) hydroginated oil!

    My favorite chocolate snack is a single Oreo cookie. Not Double Stuff. Not reduced fat. Not a Triple Double. Just two, crisp and slightly bitter chocolate wafers, with a sweet, lickable glaze. Frozen, if possible, dunked in a small amount of chocolate syrup spiked milk. I realize this seems like a completly dull choice given my gastronomic hoity-toityness, but the balance of an oreo cannot be beaten, even by fine European chocolate and, yes, Count Chocula.

  4. mmm popcorn balls! I mixed it up with a bag of trail mix, so I get more for the same amount of cals!

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