Cappuccino LARABar

Something new! Don’t you all love new products!? (:

I got a very nice card and some free Cappuccino LARABars from the company a week or so ago (happy holidays to me!) I opened up the box and saw four bars of a flavor I never heard of or saw before- Cappuccino. This might be interesting, I thought. I used to hate coffee/ anything coffee related, but now I am a coffee convert. Thanks all nighters and piles upon piles of work that need to be done and the caffeine boost needed to do it. *sigh*

No, but really. Thanks to the endless work, I now love coffee. And coffee Keurigs are world’s greatest invention. Thank you to the inventor- you are are genius.

ANYWAY, the bars are gluten free, vegan, dairy and soy free, and made with minimal ingredients which I love. I opened up the bar and instantly smelled the coffee aroma. Observing the bar, it looked like a standard LARABar, but I also noticed rather large pieces of almonds.

I took a bite. The familiar date/fruity taste a LARABar often has was there, but not super prominent. I could taste the coffee flavor, but it wasn’t super strong. It had a bit of an awkward bite at the end, like a spice of some sort. I checked the ingredients and didn’t see any spices, so I’m going to say the coffee added that bit of a bite at the end.

The bar was soft, dense and chewy but had the slightly crunchier parts from the almond pieces. It was really satisfying as a snack and curbed my hunger well (almond always take away my hunger pains!). The bar was sweet but not too sweet, and overall pretty good.

As a whole, I’d give this one a 3.5 star rating. I don’t think it’s my favorite, but it was pretty good. My favorites will always be this one and the cookie dough bar!

Which LARABar is your favorite?! (:

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6 thoughts on “Cappuccino LARABar

  1. I’m surprised that someone found a Larabar that is actually good. I’ve reviewed at least seven flavors on my blog (only one has been posted so far, the rest are in the queue) and I’ve only found one that was borderline decent. I’ll keep trying them though because there’s got to be some reason they are in business.

    Nice review, by the way!

  2. I think they are an acquired taste and texture. I happen to like fruity/date based bars, but I know some people don’t. I hope you try the cookie dough one! It’s pretty good 🙂

  3. i really only like dates as fuel during 2 hour and plus runs – other than that i can’t stand the taste! hence, not the biggest larabar fan even though they’re so freaking trendy and i feel like i’ll be able to master yoga if i can just choke one down.
    sigh, still working on yoga and still can’t choke down a larabar! 🙂

  4. hahah I can assure you you can master yoga without a Larabar 😛
    but that’s fine! There not for everyone- but I do suggest trying the cookie dough flavor, slightly warm. Mmm!

  5. I love larabars! They’re the only bars that really can keep me full! I’m going to have to try this flavor out 🙂

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