Annie Chun’s Mini Wontons Chicken and Garlic

Something new for me to try! Browsing the aisle at Whole Foods, I wanted to try something out of the ordinary (or at least so for me) to have as a snack or as part of a meal.

I decided to pick up these and give them a try. The ingredients and nutritional information seemed pretty good and up to Lisa standards, and……they looked so cute! And, since I’m lazy, I did the microwave method. What can I say? Hate to clean any extra pans if I don’t have to 😛

Here’s what they looked like out of the microwave. How cute are they?! So tiny!

I didn’t know what to dip them in really so, I went for ketchup. I dip almost everything in ketchup. Don’t judge me. 🙂

The wontons came out chewy and soft from the microwave, but still had a decent texture. They weren’t greasy at all, or even oily, which was nice. They definitely had a bit of spice and some heat to them! And on one side, I could definitely taste the garlic, but the chicken flavor was pretty lost. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you it was chicken flavored if the package didn’t say so. The wrapper itself was also rather bland, light and flavorless.

Overall, these were alright. A bit too spicy for me, but the ketchup was a surprisingly good pairing since the sweetness of the ketchup balanced out the bit of kick in the wontons. I did like how these were low in calories and I could have 2 servings for a still relatively low amount of calories/fat. SO, overall, 3 stars.

If you could make any flavor wonton, what would you? In honor of national peanut butter & jelly day…I want PB&J wontons!!!!! That would be so yummy 😉 Although, no worries, I would not dip that flavor in ketchup. Ew.

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