Truwhip the Natural Whipped Topping

Um………confession time.

I am a Cool-Whip addict. But seriously.

I KNOW, it’s full of not-so-good for you ingredients, I think I’ve even seen the really evil ones like HFCS or trans fats, and I KNOW it practically has no nutritional value and I KNOW why don’t I just eat natural whipped cream?

Well, I can’t explain it. Something about cool-whip. Good enough for me to eat straight from the container. (Don’t judge me…)

SO, in hopes to find a healthier alternative, I saw Truwhip the Natural Whipped Topping at Whole Foods. YES I thought, FINALLY a healthier alternative. This one was made with natural ingredients, was gluten free, trans fat free, and gave me a bit more piece of mind. It was also around the same price, at 3 dollars a container.

Notice the dent I made…. 😀

So how was it? It was fluffy and light, just like Cool-Whip. But it certainly had a different, odd, taste. Almost like a fake vanilla marshmallow? Odd. It was sweet, and melted in my mouth, and did not have that oily feel to it but a very natural one which was a plus. BUT, if definitely had some weird flavor to it I really couldn’t not think of how to describe!

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible at all, it was different! It had a pleasant sweetness, and was almost vanilla/tapioca in flavor. It was good, but not amazing. One thing I noticed though was that it didn’t have that chemically aftertaste I get with Cool-Whip (sorry Cool-Whip…you’re amazing and all but that aftertaste has to GO!!). So that was definitely a plus.

Although the question is, buy Cool Whip, love the flavor, and dislike the aftertaste? Or buy Truwhip, better ingredients, not crazy about the flavor, but good aftertaste? Decisions, decisions.

Overall, I would give it 3.5 stars. Would I buy it again? Maybe. Only if Cool Whip wasn’t available…. ;’)

good thing I just got a manicure! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Truwhip the Natural Whipped Topping

  1. I’m with you on the Cool Whip love because when I have it, I can’t stop eating it. Ever had the French Vanilla or Cinnamon versions of Cool Whip? Absolutely awesome. The French Vanilla one is unreal, but the Cinnamon one is also very good. If you’ve never tried one or both, definitely do so because if you love Cool Whip as much as I do, and I think you do, you’ll love them.

  2. YES! I had the cinnamon one, so good! Havent had the vanilla one yet, but Ill definitely keep an eye out for it. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s obsessed. My friends call me weird! hahah 🙂

  3. ohmygoodness. i have eaten cool whip straight from the container … many times. i LOVE that stuff! i’m on a “no-processed food” detox this month but you can sure bet i’m trying this in may!

  4. Why does my “local” Whole Foods have to be 30 miles away across state lines? Sooo not fair. I’d top my fresh strawberries with the truwhip.

  5. haha yes that certainly stinks! Hopefully you can find it at another natural-food selling store? Let me know! 🙂

  6. I like TruWhip. No,..I REALLY REALLY like Truwhip. What I’m surprised about is that nobody mentions the INSANE price that it is sold at. Over $4.00 for a tub of whipped topping???? Really??? I won’t buy it more than occasionally.

  7. it is definitely WAY expensive. I think Cool-whip can be bought for $1.50 on sale sometimes! Hmm :/

  8. Yes,..I can get regular whipped topping for 99cents at our local Kroger….granted it’s not the healthiest,….but I’m just saying….99 cents while on a family budget vs. 3.99……ummmm…no brainer there.

  9. hahah agreed. Bought myself some Lite Cool-Whip today for much cheaper than Tru-Whip!

  10. I looked at the ingredients in the lite cool whip and although not everything was probably super great and healthy, for the most part it wasn’t THAT awful. TruWhip DOES taste great,…it REALLY does,…..but until they find a way to lower that price tag, it will be hard for the masses to justify the switch. I don’t blame TruWhip alone though…..just one visit to a “health” based store like Whol#e Foods or Wild Oat#s and you will quickly learn that “eating healthy is for the wealthy.”

  11. I just tried Truwhip and I thought it was AWFUL! I’m throwing it away, which makes me sad because it was really pricey. I find it has a very odd, bitter taste over a very strong fake-tasting vanilla, and it’s overpowering. I loooove Cool Whip, can eat an entire tub in an hour, and I don’t buy it anymore for that reason because it’s just got too much junk in it and I eat way too much of it. But Truwhip is not an alternative for me. I found it actually digusting. I was shocked others could even eat it.

  12. I definitely agree that it has an aftertaste, I think it’s personal preference for some people. Personally, I’m with you (and have eaten a tub in a sitting…oops!) and will stick to cool whip 🙂

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