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Chip’n Dipped Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bar

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Ok, how could I honestly pass this bar up and NOT buy it? Milk chocolate and pretzels? together? in a chocolate bar? Needless to say it took me all of .05 seconds to contemplate whether I should buy it or not. I think the end choice is obvious. Immediately upon arrival at my house, I opened up the bar. I […]

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Attune Dark Chocolate Probiotic Wellness Bar

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Dont forget this TOTALLY AWESOME Giveaway!!!  🙂 Source Mmmm..chocolate. Nothing quite satisfies like a good piece of melt-in-your mouth chocolate does, in my opinion. And what about when chocolate has some added benefits, such as probiotics and calcium? Hmm… Well, Attune makes Probiotic Wellness Bars in a variety of flavors, including the Dark Chocolate variety. I read the package, which […]

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Figamajigs Dark Chocolate Covered Fig Bar with Almonds

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Figamajigs! I think this company is great- combining healthy fruit and tasty chocolate and other treats with their products. The company sent me some of their products to try, including the Figamajigs Dark Chocolate Covered Fig Bar with Almonds. According to the wrapper, this bar is “all natural, low fat, high in fiber, high in anti-oxidants”. Sounds like my kind of […]


“Organic Chocolate Indulgence” GIVEAWAY!

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Oh yes. It’s a GIVEAWAY. And, it involves CHOCOLATE!!!! Hopefully you have all heard of the Oikos Chocolate & Caramel greek yogurts, that are 110 calories each and are absolutely delicious. If not, I have tried and done a review of them here. And if you HAVEN’T tried those yogurts, you can enter for your chance to win coupons for 2 […]

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Yumnuts Naturals Chocolate Slow Dry-Roasted Cashews

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Combining two of my favorite things- chocolate and cashews, is Yumnuts Naturals. This company makes these snacks without any artifical colors, flavors or preservatives, no added oil, and they are gluten free. They come in 6 flavors, Sea Salt, Spicy Cajun, Toasted Coconut, Honey , Chocolate and Chili Lime. According to the website, “Nuts contain the protein, smart fats, like oleic acid, […]

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