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Sweet Spreads Coconutter All Natural Flavored Coconut Butter

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Alright! So as you guys probably know, I am a *huge* nut butter fan. However, coconut butter has never been one of those nut butters I bought or tried. Sweet Spreads offered me 6 of their coconut butters to try for free. They come in White Chocolate, Vanilla Cupcake, Maple Pancake, Dark Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Brownie flavors. […]

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Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter

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Source This peanut butter. Is. Beyond. Amazing. (Yes, so amazing I felt the urge to use periods between each word!) According to the website , this spread is “More than just a sandwich spread, it is fantastic on fruit, spooned over ice cream, when used as an ingredient in baked goods, or simply eaten out of the jar! It contains […]

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Divine White Chocolate with Strawberries

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Source So, I went to Whole Foods the other day [shocking, I know.. =) ] and they were handing out free samples of chocolates. Why not? I thought. How could I turn down a piece of natural chocolate? I opted for the White Chocolate with Strawberries, as it seemed interesting. I ate a small piece, and really liked it, so […]

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Penny’s Low Fat Desserts White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie

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Penny’s Low Fat Desserts is a favorite here on HealthNuttxo. I haven’t met a product I haven’t liked- ranging from muffin tops, muffins and even no sugar added cookies! Another favorite of mine to add is now the White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie, which was sent to me to try from Penny. At first glance, I was quite pleased. A decently […]

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Late July Mini Sandwich Cookies

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Late July is a great company. Founded by Nicole Bernard Dawes with her dad in 2003, they make a variety of all natural and organic foods. There top 3 reasons for choosing organic is 1. To save the environment 2. Reduce Health Risks and 3. Support Small┬ábusinesses. The Late July Organic Mini Endangered Animal Sandwich cookies even┬ádonate 10% of their […]

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Luna Bar White Chocolate Macadamia

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I love Clif Bars, so I was excited to receive a Luna Bar in the mail to try for free. I received the White Chocolate Macadamia flavor. I tried the Clif Bar in a similar flavor, i believe it was Macadamia Nut as well, and it was good, so this can’t be too far off. Now while testing this, keep […]

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