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Kashi Golden Goodness cereal

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Ahh, I LOVE new products. Whenever I see them, I become an instant impulse buyer and put them in my shopping cart. This box of cereal certainly was no exception. When I opened the box, I was a little surprised. It looks like mostly tiny flakes, with a few pieces of oats thrown in. Granola or oat clusters happen to […]

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Nature’s Path Organic PomegranPlus Granola with Cherries

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Dont forget this giveaway here! 🙂 Source Time for another cereal/breakfast related giveaway…. my favorite! Today I’m reviewing a box of granola from Nature’s Path- the Organic PomegranPlus Granola with Cherries! This sounded so good to me before I opened the box. I was picturing a fruity, sweet yet tart granola with a bunch of cherries and whatnot. However, here’s […]

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Measure Up Bowl

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Who says my reviews are only limited to food? Here’s my first HEALTHY PRODUCT review- you can’t eat it, but it will make eating fun! Measure Up Bowls are literally (as the website states), “Portion Control in a Bowl”. They provide pre-measured portions in each porcelain bowl (which is conveinently dishwasher & microwave safe- WOO! No hand washing!) with visible lines. […]

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Cascadian Farm Fruitful O’s Cereal

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Cascadian Farm makes tasty foods, ranging from cereals, granolas, frozen foods, cereal bars, etc.  that are all organic. According to Cascadian Farm, “Our organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically engineered ingredients.” This also means no preservatives or nasty artificial colors or flavors. As a bonus– the companies farming methods help protect and preserve our environment. […]

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De Wafelbakkers Gourmet Waffles, Pancakes & French Toast

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Whhhoooooo likes waffles, pancakes and french toast? 😀 Better question- Who doesn’t like waffles, pancakes or french toast? Yea- not feeling many responses there. I haven’t met a person who doesn’t love waffles, pancakes OR french toast. Perfect to wake up to in the morning, for an afternoon snack, or even breakfast for dinner with some scrambled eggs. Topped with maple […]

3 1/2 stars , Annie's , vegan

Happy Birthday Annie's Homegrown!

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In honor of Annie’s Homegrown‘s birthday, I think it would be appropriate to do a review on a cereal I bought, Bunny Love. This cereal is an all natural, whole grain, corn & oat cereal, made without preservatives or fillers, and is vegan. I decided to pick it up at the store because it was pretty enticing and the nutritional […]

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