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Fabe’s Sweetened by Nature Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cookie

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I think I should start off by saying I don’t like dark chocolate.  I will eat it, but I find it too bitter, hardly sweet, and just unenjoyable for my taste buds. My taste buds much prefer milk chocolate, and white chocolate (with my FAVORITE white chocolate review here!) Nutrition courses via an accredited online college for people who have decided […]

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LaLoo’s Deep Chocolate Goat’s Milk Ice Cream

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Calling all chocolate icecream fans– you are in for a special treat! 🙂 First off, please dont be discouraged by the words “Goat’s Milk”-it makes quite a fantastic icecream! As I was absolutely amazed by the Vanilla Snowflake, I decided to try the Deep Chocolate as well with a coupon provided by LaLoos I opened up the small container and […]

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Sweet Riot Peaces Flavor 65 and YumBar 65

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  Sweetriot- perhaps you have heard of them,or perhaps not. Either way, they are a company that makes chocolate indulgences in an earth friendly manner. According to the website, “We are creating a sweet movement to fix the world. 🙂 We’ve started by sourcing our cacao directly in Latin America, using recyclable, reusable packaging which features emerging artists, and by […]

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Nugo Peanut Butter Chocolate Nutrition Bar and Nugo Dark Mocha Chocolate Bar

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Hey- I have an idea. Let’s post another review about CHOCOLATE! I can’t get enough! Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep lately… is it the caffeine? (Just Kidding!) Anyway- Nugo is a brand that makes a bunch of products that are suitable for many different lifestyles. According to the pamphlet I was sent along with some yummy bars from the […]

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Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate

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I’m on a chocolate fix tonight- can’t you tell? 😉 Another great company, Endangered Species, makes all natural and organic milk and dark chocolate. What I really like about their company is that 10% of their net profits are donated to ,according to the wrapper,  ” help support species, habitat and humanity”. So I can feel good about my chocolate while I’m […]

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Figamajigs Dark Chocolate Covered Fig Candy

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What’s a Figamajig!? Figamajigs are a different way to enjoy candy, according to them, it’s “A Healthy and Delicious Way to Enjoy Chocolate”. What could be so healthy about chocolate? Well, these candies are all natural, provide fiber & antioxidants, and are relatively low in fat. They make both bite sized candies and fig bars covered with delicious chocolate. The […]

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Country Choice Soft Baked Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Who doesn’t love cooooookies!? Especially chocolate chip. Especially soft baked chocolate chip cookies. I’m drooling thinking about them… 🙂 What we don’t love? That Mom’s home-made cookies are often heart attacks disguised in cute little circles, or that store bought deli cookies have a TON of fat, OR that the cookies you would  buy in store have more ingredients than […]

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