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Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme

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Who want’s a fluffernutter? ūüėÄ What’s better than the sweet and savory (and ultimately sinful) combination of marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. *Drool* Unfortunately, the standard “fluff” in the supermarket (as tempting as it looks), is nothing more than corn syrup and refined sugar. Luckily, that’s where Suzanne’s Specialties comes in. They¬†make vegan, all natural and organic sweeteners and toppings. […]

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Cedarlane Three Layer Enchilada Pie

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I know it’s the day after Christmas, but, who’s craving Mexican!? I was! Too¬† many sugar cookies (organic of course ūüėõ ) and¬†yummy dishes can do that to a girl. So I was in the mood for some Mexican, and where other did I turn to than Cedarlane’s Three Layer Enchilada Pie? Cedarlane’s Three Layer Enchilada Pie is layers of […]

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Stonyfield Farm Organic Banilla Yogurt

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Stonyfield Farm, as you all should know, makes dozens of products ranging from organic/all natural yogurts, frozen desserts and smoothies. They all benefit the earth and are made¬†using only nature’s finest ingredients.¬†I personally love their yogurt, and I’ve passed by¬†the Banilla flavored¬†yogurt way too many times in the store, simply because it was in the 32 oz. cup instead of […]

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Dr. Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies

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Looking for a delicious, gluten and food allergy free cookie? Well, your searching ends here my friends, I found¬†some DELICIOUS, gluten, milk, egg, peanut and almond free cookies. They are developed by Dr. Lucy, who is an M.D. and a mother of a child who has very bad allergies. She says, “I know how difficult it can be to find […]

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Kay's Naturals Protein Cereal

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Protein Cereal? What on EARTH is that? Read on, bloggies! ūüôā Kay’s Naturals is a brand that makes better alternatives to snacks, packed with nutritious protein and¬†fiber for satiety.¬†¬†They make a whole assortment of snacks and cereals to please all, and they are mostly Gluten Free. I was sent some products to try from Kay’s Naturals, including the Protein Cereal […]

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Hillside Candy Go Naturally Organic Hard Candies

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We all love candddddyyy. Problem is- most candy doesn’t love US. It’s usually full of High Fructose Corn SYrup, color additives and refined sugar. LUCKILY, I found a brand of candy (Hillside Candy) that has a line GO Naturally, that produces “better-for-you” candy. Not only are they gluten free, they are organic, free of high fructose corn syrup, additives and […]

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Vermont Village Cannery Organic Applesauce & Apple Butter

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Time for Thanksgiving review number 2! I figured applesauce and apple butter would fit the bill nicely. We always use applesauce as a compliment to the other dishes, but I like it in place of gravy with my turkey and I like using it as a condiment the next day for cold turkey and apple sandwiches. Yum! So i was […]

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Ener-G Foods Gluten Free Cinnamon Crackers

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Another review for those of you who have some allergies! Ener G is a trusted brand that makes tons of products, ranging from cookies, crackers,¬† breads, pizza doughs! “Our mission at Ener-G Foods, as one of the foremost producers of foods for diet-restricted individuals, is to provide a wide range of ready-made foods and mixes that are wholesome, nutritious, delicious, […]

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Midel Gluten Free Cookies

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Midel makes a whole bunch of products, and they have a gluten free line. Midel makes the cookies and snacks without preservatives, trans fats, or artificial ingredients. Some of them are even dairy free! I got to try the Arrowroot, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate¬†Sandwich¬†varieties sent to me by the company. Arrowroot-uhhh, Deliiishh! Nice and buttery flavor! These were […]

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Cherrybrook Kitchen Vanilla Graham Mini Cookies

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I’m always curious about cookies (who isn’t?) so i got a box of the Vanilla Graham mini cookies (because if cookie wasn’t enough, they are MINI!! Who doesn’t love mini cookies!) in the mail from Cherrybrook Kitchen. Aside from being cute and gluten free, they are also peanut, dairy, egg and nut free. YEP! They are certainly yummy. They are […]

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