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Nested Naturals SUPER Greens

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I feel the first thing I hear when its cold and flu season is… “better get on your Vitamin C and greens!”. Well, Nested Naturals is here to help you out with that! This is a dietary supplement, and companies cannot make claims on your health as the FDA does not regulate supplements. However, per the bottle, this supplement “energizes […]

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Mightylicious Gluten Free Cookies

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Today’s review is of mightylicious gluten-free cookies. I was sent  four different flavors to try. All four are gluten-free and three of them were vegan. The oatmeal raisin, oatmeal, coconut, double Dutch, chocolate chip cookies were vegan. The company was founded by a woman named Carolyn who is diagnosed with celiac disease which inspired these cookies.I noticed a few things. […]

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The Sweetest Bean Gourmet Vanilla

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As someone who loves to bake, real Vanilla extract is a common staple in my pantry. I won’t sacrifice flavor by getting imitation Vanilla, either. A little goes a long way! The ladies over at The Sweetest Bean sent me Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Powder. This is a woman owned business and two life long friends (LOVE a long […]

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Seattle Chocolate Company chocolates

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Time for one of my favorite reviews… Chocolate!!! I got some yummy goodies by Seattle Chocolates. They also sent some cute little tubes of coffee flour, cocoa nibs and cherry pulp which was awesome to see, as it is what makes up this delicious chocolate. Super Chocolate Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar by Seattle Chocolates. This one is “powered by coffee […]

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Perky Fruit Bodies- Cacao Banana Coconut, Coconut Banana, Strawberry Banana

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I got some yummy Perky Fruit Bodies to try! What is that, you say? These are organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, and kosher “fruit leathers”. Let’s get to it! ^-^   Coconut Banana– this one is squished! The color and appearance isn’t appetizing, but we always go beyond that for food reviews! The flavor is OK. Banana and coconut flavor […]

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Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte LARAbar

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Look-ee what I got in the mail, as a complete surprise to me… YEP- some Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte LARAbars! With a cute little bag, button, sticker and slice of information pie. What a nice welcome surprise once I walked in the door and had a package waiting for me. Thanks, LARAbar!!! Now, down to business. It looks like your […]

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