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Neuroreserve Relevate Core Dietary Nutrients for Lifelong brain health

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“Will your brain-span last as long as your life span?” A quote from Neuroreserve, which certainly can prompt some anxiety to anyone who is worried about this. The people over at Neuroreserve report that “studies of the ‘oldest’ people with the healthiest brains show that people who follow diets like the Mediterranean and MIND maintain their cognitive ability and reduce […]

4 Star , Chips and crackers

Dirt Kitchen’s air dried veggie crisps

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So vegetable chips are typically a total scam. They appear healthy when in fact, they are not. They take perfectly healthy, nutrient rich vegetables and fry them in OIL!!! Tell me, whats the difference between a green bean soaked and fried In oil versus a potato (aka your classic potato chips)?¬† Nothing!! And here’s where this company comes in… Dirt […]

4 Star , Equipment & Products

Kiara Sky Powder Dip review

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So after the disastrous Nailboo experience with dip powder, I decided to not give up. I recently purchased Kiara Sky after seeing someone mention It on an instagram post. It claimed to be professional grade and definitely had a hefty price tag, ($109 for a kit and about $20-30 per color), so I said WELL this has to be somewhat […]

4 Star , Frozen Foods

Meat District the O.G. Angus Brisket, chuck & Short rib beef patties

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Want a delicious burger but don’t want to leave home? Look no further. Meat District has created these delicious burgers for which my fianc√©, myself and his brother all thoroughly enjoyed. It is Angus beef- Angus brisket, chuck and short rib patty. Now… we live in a condo without access to a grill…so we expected the burgers to maybe be […]

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