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Kiara Sky Powder Dip review

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So after the disastrous Nailboo experience with dip powder, I decided to not give up. I recently purchased Kiara Sky after seeing someone mention It on an instagram post. It claimed to be professional grade and definitely had a hefty price tag, ($109 for a kit and about $20-30 per color), so I said WELL this has to be somewhat […]

3 1/2 stars , Gluten Free

AYO Almond Yogurt

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Do you love yogurt but can’t tolerate dairy? Or maybe you adapted a vegan diet, but do miss having a yogurt parfait in the morning. Here is where AYO Almond Yogurt comes in to play! Each yogurt is non dairy, vegan, gluten and soy free. There are added probiotics as well, similar to what you would get from dairy/milk yogurt. […]

3 Star

Silvon Bedding

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Bedding for better skin? Hmm…This I have to try. I’ll admit, the Instagram ad got me. Basically I was scrolling IG as usual, saw an ad for “35$ pillow case or $100 acne cream?” and well…it got me. I’ve suffered with acne for the past 5-6 years, with it’s peak the past 3 years. However, we can likely contribute that […]

4 Star

Vitaminpaste Multivitamin Supplement Toothpaste

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This is definitely something new for me- vitamin infused toothpaste? Cool! Vitaminpaste is the first multivitamin and mineraltoothpaste. According to the fact sheet they sent me, both varieties: developed by Dentist Dr. Bruce Golden Both are fluoride free, thus eliminating the risk of dental and skeletal fluorosis from fluoride toothpaste ingestion This toothpaste contains ingredients that are safe to ingest […]


Sabre Personal Alarm and Door Stop Alarm

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  A non-food review today, but¬†important all the same because safety is KEY! Sabre has a line of products aimed at your safety in mind.¬† From pepper spray to home security, Sabre has you covered. They sent me 2 of their products to review, the Personal Alarm, and the door alarm. Let’s review the Personal Alarm first. I think this […]

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